Fair Use Policy

Since the beginning of this project, our motives for creating this variety of Craigslist software and providng our Craigslist posting, and Craigslist flagging information have been to mitigate the power Craigslist has to affect a person’s ability to coexist within the international marketplace known as Craigslist. The use of our Craigslist software or information to willfully damage another person’s ability to use Craigslist, or to cause difficulty for Craigslist and it’s users by severely flooding with ads or removing them en mass is completely against the philosophy behind this project.

It continues to be our goal to create software to help people contend with an unfriendly interface by automating certain mundane Craigslist tasks. If you intend to use our software for a purpose for which it was not designed, please do not purchase it.

  • We do not condone spamming Craigslist with thousands of ads per user.
  • We do not condone attacking other people’s business as your business strategy.
  • We do not condone the misuse of our proxy software to do anything illegal.
  • We do not condone the use of our WordPress Software to create Phishing sites.
  • We do not hesitate to inform the FBI when people use a stolen credit card to purchase our software.

Any support requests asking for assistance in doing any of the above will not be entertained. We give our members an advantage, in knowledge and targeted education. We have no interest in assisting people with vendettas, or causing other’s misfortune with our software. This includes the good people at Craigslist. We don’t like many things they do, but we in no way want our members to impair their website by the misuse of our software. Those found to be doing so will no longer be in good standing with us.

speak softly, carry big stick.. ~ African proverb