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ūü¶ä FoxyRevolver Last Updated: January 23rd, 2019 | Ver. 19.0.2

Craigslist proxy software Foxy RevolverYou can now use a revolving Craigslist proxy software in Windows!

Craigslist proxy software adds a button and timer that will revolve any proxies on the fly, including your own ip address if desired at any interval you set it to. We have also integrated an amazing set of IP Tools to help you gather, sort, and Geoip locate your Craigslist proxies!

Benefits of FoxyRevolver:

  • based on the heavily supported and documented FoxyProxy
  • works with all kinds of ip addresses, not just elite proxies
  • installs right in your Firefox browser
  • redesigned to work along with our flagger systems perfectly

What we have done to add to this already great proxy manager is included a new option to revolve the proxies on a timer. FoxyRevolver installs right into ūü¶ä Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit browser and manages all the proxies for all of Firefox. We designed this application to be the companion of our Craigslist Flagging Software.

craigslist software timer

When you click the gear icon to the left of the FoxyRevolver icon as depicted above on the left of the toolbar image, the gear will turn into an animated loader image (as depicted on the left) while the software is actively revolving your proxies. This means that it is actively switching your proxies for Firefox, and all active pages opened in Firefox. When you click the animated loader icon, the revolving feature will stop. You can then click the FoxyRevolver icon in the toolbar to select which ip you want to be using manually / patterns or disable proxies altogether.

craigslist proxy software settings button

When the program icon is spinning, this means that you are routing your traffic through a proxy. Just click the little fox ghost icon (as depicted on the left) to check which proxy, or to turn the proxy feature off altogether. By selecting the options menu from Firefox >> Tools >> FoxyRevolver >> Options, or clicking on the toolbar icon, you will find in the right hand lower corner of the options popup, an interval selector. This is where you set the timer by which your proxies will revolve. FoxyRevolver must not be actively revolving the proxies when you set the timer, you should see the gear icon, not the animated loader when setting your timer.

?¬†FoxyRevolver is for ūü¶ä Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit only, and only controls the proxy connections from within Firefox. FoxyRevolver works in Windows 7,8 & 10.

? FoxyRevolver is just $24.99 | The complete instructions for ? FoxyRevolver are here.

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