FoxyRevolver Advanced

Advanced FoxyRevolver configuration info, not for the casual user – no support requests based on this information please 😉

FoxyRevolver config file

FoxyRevolver creates a configuration file when you change the settings, add or remove proxies etc. Some people would rather edit this file directly. You can export and import this file within the FoxyRevolver main menu settings. We have prepared a sample configuration file.

There is a configuration file within this zip file that will auto add proxies to FoxyRevolver. These are a few proxies that were working when we created this file. They are configured for patterns mode if you choose to use that. You can either import the “foxyproxy.xml” through the FoxyRevolver Import feature, or you can double click the “Configure FoxyRevolver.bat” file, and it will copy it to the correct location, and restart Firefox with the new configuration in patterns mode, and open the webpage that describes some advanced FoxyRevolver configuration procedures.

If you mess up your configuration, you can just download it again from this link and try again. We do not provide support for advanced configuration, but we have documented this features for the advanced persons or the novice who wants to learn.

Command-line Arguments

FoxyRevolver adds command-line arguments to Firefox so that you may use different settings than when you last exited firefox.

The argument is -foxyproxy-mode, and has this signature:

-foxyrevolver-mode [patterns|disabled|<proxy-id>1]

  1. Id of a proxy as specified in foxyproxy.xml’s proxy element.



  • firefox.exe -foxyproxy-mode 1095631556
  • firefox.exe -foxyproxy-mode disabled
  • firefox.exe -foxyproxy-mode patterns

When NOT specified, FoxyRevolver resumes from the last mode in which it was used. When specified, FoxyRevolver starts in the specified mode.