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Craigsaccounts craigslist software productOur CraigsAccounts app is an addon for any CraigsFlagger Pro (ie: CraigsFlagger Pro) or CraigsPoster Pro Suite. It allows you to add all of your craigslist accounts to a handy drop down list built into the login page of craigslist. You can select any account email and password combination and drop it into the login box. The secret part of the login page that craigslist doesn’t want you to know, is they keep track of you with cookies each time you visit their site.

Since you are not allowed to have more than one craigslist account, you will get softblocked if you do not clear all your craigslist cookies each time before you even visit the login page. CraigsAccounts clears all of your old craigslist cookies from past logins, and it gets you fresh new ones that are not linked to any other previously logged into Craigslist accounts so you can log in without ruining your Craigslist account. This is done automatically every time you load the Craigslist login page. With this little app, every time you visit the Craigslist login page, you are a brand new visitor as far as craigslist is aware. Very handy app, never worry about your cookies giving you away, or losing your login information for your various accounts again!

⚡ Now included Free with CraigsPoster Pro, CraigsFlagger Pro, Reinforcer or Trinity Bundle; not sold individually.


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    This is a fantastic idea!! All my account credentials are in one spot, and I can just export the entire list, and import it again into my office PC! This is a really really cool application

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