CraigsPoster Pro

We have instructions in our members areas about exactly how to stay under the radar when posting. You need to have your ads come up live 100% of the time. If you don’t even know the rules, how can you play the game? CraigsPoster Prohas it’s own methods of keeping your accounts strong and your posts from being ghosted.

Using CraigsPoster Pro is pretty easy.

Edit Delete Repost1) Open the CraigslistSoftware App Manager hover over the link that says “Launch Pad” then click “CraigsPoster Pro” in your Firefox browser, by clicking the drop down arrow next to the Ghostbusters Icon in your Firefox toolbar.

2) Click the launch button on the dashboard page and the control panel for the bots will pop up.

3) From the main control panel, double click the “bot” you would like to set up.

4) Add your account name and password into the top left corner of the bot window.

5) Set the timers on the bot.

6) Check the box that is labeled “Scan Renewals” if the pause button is flashing.

7) Repeat steps 3,4 and 5 for each new bot you would like to run.

8) You may “Hide” all bots from the control panel, and minimize the control panel, but you may never shut off the control panel while you are using bots. It controls their behavior and is required for a bot to function. However, you may shut off Firefox while CraigsPoster Pro is operating. It will continue to operate.

That’s all there is to it!

If your ads do not say renew next to them like in the photo, our software will not pick them up for renewal. Ads generally come up for renewal 48 hours after you post them if you have a healthy ad, and healthy account. If you do not have a healthy account, please read our posting guide, and make one, then follow our rules to keep it healthy.

Also, as we mention in our posting guide, you do not “revolve” your IP’s to post. This will get your account softblocked fast. You use the same ip to post each time from the same account. Do not mix them up. Use the same IP you used to create your new account. Do not use old accounts and expect good results. Step one is to create new accounts, one by one, one per day. Please read the posting guide before you try to use our software and confuse yourself.

Here is a little secret.. If you have Windows XP Pro, you can use a different software (sold separately) Proxy Revolver (XP Pro only) to keep your IP’s from getting all mismatched. Each account has its own browser executable, and when you first CraigsPoster Pro Flow Chartrun each browser bot as you set it up with your login details, Proxy Revolver automatically pops up it’s configuration box and it will ask you which IP address you should always use for this specific CraigsPoster Pro robot. We recommend 1 account per IP address.. but we do our own testing with 2 – 4 accounts per IP address while posting moderately.

While the program is running, you can pull up any craigsbot, and post from it, put it on pause while you navigate around from your bot window which is assigned the proper ip for that account by Proxy Revolver.

Clad genius holds your ad that you write in their database until such time as it’s going to post it from some random ip address in their pool thus ruining your PVA’s.

Our software keeps your ads where they belong…, in Craigslist. You cannot post the same ad more than once in a 48 hour period or you will get softblocked, and easily flagged, and our Craigslist posting software only posts your ads as Craigslist allows. So, in either system you still need to post your original ad. In either system you still need PVA’s to post in the services sections. The main difference is, our software runs on your desktop, and from your own pre selected proxy every time, and don’t forget, there are no monthly maintenance fees. If Craigslist changes, we repair it and update the program free for 6 months from date of purchase.

CraigsPoster Pro was designed for use with Proxy Revolver so you will not get softblocked for jumping all over ips. So, you just keep adding ads to Craigslist, and let the bot keep renewing them. You still only need to handle your ad once.. just place it, and Craigslist and our reposter take care of it day and night from then on. It will however work on any windows system stand alone, but we recommend to only use 4 ips.

An intelligent strategy to employ is to place your new ads at different times a day, this way, you will have ads coming up for renewal at all hours a day from all your accounts. With our software, placing your ads is easy, all your accounts are always open, and a few clicks gets you the their posting page which you are very familiar with. You can pause the bot that is active, and post from it. When you’re done your posting for the day from the account you’re posting from, take that bot off of pause, and allow the software continue it’s rotation. It will then repost your ads for you from from then on (after 48 hours). This is far more effective than clad genius, and far cheaper. Not to mention, the PVA’s will not be blown or softblocked because of aggressive over posting or mismatched IP addresses!