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    craigslive featureA cookie is a small text file containing information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk for record-keeping purposes. CraigsCookies is a simple cookie deleter add-on for deleting only the cookies on the page you are on, so you don’t erase your entire cache trying to keep your Craigslist activities private. Do not use CraigsCookies while flagging, the flagging tools require specific cookies to flag an ad, you do not want to interfere with it when it is flagging, our flagger and reinforcer manage the cookies as they cycle.

    This tool is used for general browsing, or before logging in. If you have the CraigsAccounts app, do not use this to log inCraigsAccounts already removed and reset your cookies automatically so you never forget this step while switching accounts if you are using more than one.

    Craigslist Cookie Management

    Craigslist Ad Preview is a Craigslist cookie managers first, the automation is entirely secondary and would be quite useless without the Craigslist cookie management aspect of their function. One does not simply turn off cookies for Craigslist, or wipe them all as you use it, you need to have the correct cookies in place as they expect to find them or your Craigslist experience will be severely diminished. This is what all other ‘similar’ software fails to account for (pardon the pun :).

    Basic instruction Guide

    craigslive feature

    • install Craigslist Ad Preview.
    • purchase a Basic, or Pro subscription here.
    • login to Craigslist Ad Preview by clicking the icon in the browser toolbar, then clicking sign in.
    • when on any Craigslist search page, toggle the settings panel from the Preview toolbar, then click this icon to remove all of Craigslist’s cookies
    • do not use this in conjunction with our Preview cycles, our Previewer manages the cookies for you, and you need to not interfere while they are operating.
    • do not use this in conjunction with CraigsAccounts CraigsEnforcer, or CraigsFlagger; these applications manage the login and flagging cookies.

    We have bundled CraigsCookies with our Basic and Pro subscriptions.

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⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.