Instructions for CraigsPoster Pro (CLS App Manager)

Installing CLS App Manager

Chrome Extension Requirements: Chrome, Yandex, Opera, Edge & Windows, Linux, Mac.
Android Extension Requirements: Yandex, Kiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.

Craigslist posting software - craigsposter proThe tricky part of the installation for some clients is simply the activation of the plugin in the Firefox extensions Add-ons page following the installation. Simply follow the instructions in the activation tab to overcome this issue. To be able to use our Craigslist Software, you will be required to install 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit and only this version, our software doesn't work with any other version. Our latest installers make every effort to auto activate the software for you, and Freeze Firefox's automatic updater.

When we install our software, we embed a configuration file into your system that prevents Firefox from updating on its own. Since Firefox makes every attempt to update itself immediately when you install it, if you install firefox after you install our software, this is the best course of action, because our configuration file prevents this update.

These are not outdated instructions because we use an older browser, this page has been updated in 2020. Simply follow all of our directions in order please to avoid confusion during the set up and maintenance of your Craigslist software. Our Craigslist Software is all managed by a Firefox Plugin called CLS App Manager.

CLS App Manager Installation - Windows only:

Our PC software is designed to work with 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit only.

  1. If you did not install Firefox yet, wait until you install our software first.
  2. Download the installer program from our download link or visit the Download page. Then in your Firefox toolbar find it by going to Tools>> Downloads.
  3. You will need to exit all programs now, this includes your browsers.
  4. Login as administrator (important!!), and while you are still connected to the internet, click the installer's icon to install our program.
  5. Run the installer application and enter your membership details (*Install right over top of old software if it exists), the login information for your members area, the email address you signed up with , and your members password. You were sent a welcome note when you signed up, the email address that this note was sent to is your membership address. *Reset your CLS password here if you have forgotten it.
  6. Once you have completed your installation, please restart your system. You do not get multiple installs, you get one installation unless you have purchased a multi license with multiple installations. Once you have successfully installed the software, our security will not allow you to install it again. You can however use the Update feature to restore it as often as you like. You will need to read and follow the instructions in the following tabs to activate your new software.
  7. Install 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit.
  8. Activate the CLS App Manager Firefox Plugin. After installation of our software, it is likely that the CLS App Manager plugin is disabled in Firefox by default. A Firefox Upgrade or re-installation can also result in disabled plugins. Simply navigate to the "Tools >> Add-ons>> Extensions" and the CLS App Manager plugin will be found there. Enable it if it is not already, and restart Firefox.
  9. Turn on the CLS App Manager. When you click the red Ghostbusters icon in the Firefox toolbar, the icon changes from gray to red and you are ready to use our software as intended! Reset your CLS password here if you have forgotten it.

Error messages

If you receive an error message when you are installing or updating, the issue is likely a connection issue. You need to be CraigsFlagger Pro errorsconnected to the internet to validate and download files for the installation. If you are disconnected from the internet, the installer will give you a warning, and then exit the installation. However, if Windows Firewall, or your antivirus is interfering with the applications validation process, you will receive one of two errors, advising you that the application cannot validate.

The easiest course of action is to disable both your antivirus and windows firewall, and proceed with the installation. If you choose, you can see out the specific firewall rule preventing the application from connecting, and remove that rule, or reset the Windows Firewall rules to the factory defaults, then proceed with your installation. Our tutorial to shut off Windows Firewall is here.

Activating CLS App Manager

Firefox installs often with the top menu bar invisible. To show this menu:

customize craigslist flagging software

  • Go to any of of the Firefox icons in the toolbar and right click it.
  • Click the Menu Bar option to activate the Firefox top Menu Bar.
  • From the Firefox Menu Bar go to Tools >> Add-ons >> Extensions: and find our CLS App Manager Add-on and activate it, as well as any of our other applicable Add-ons and restart Firefox.

This version of Firefox has a button with three lines on it on the far right side of the toolbar, you can also click this to access the Add-ons configuration page. Our latest software also ads a black puzzle icon to your toolbar on the left, you can click this icon to access the Add-ons configuration page.

In the Firefox Menu Bar, navigate to Tools >> Add-ons and you will see CLS App Manager tab just underneath the Extensions tab. That is where we install and manage the specific Craigslist features & apps. If the drop down menu on our Ghostbusters toolbar icon says no apps are active, this is because you are not on the correct Craigslist page for any Craigslist apps to be active. All our apps automatically deactivate when you are not on the applicable Craigslist page they were designed for.activate craigslist flagging software extensions menu

After installation of our software, it is possible that the CLS App Manager plugin is disabled by default. A Firefox Upgrade / Downgrade or reinstallation can also result in disabled plugins. Simply navigate to the Firefox Tools >> Add-ons >> Extensions area and the CLS App Manager plugin will be found there. Enable it if it is not already, and any of our other applicable Add-ons you may find there and restart Firefox.

Our software installs for all Firefox profiles and not within any specific Firefox folder. It cannot just disappear even if you remove Firefox entirely. If you remove the software, you will need to repurchase it to get a new license. If you decline to set a restore point in your own system after you install the software, you may have issues of this nature if your system fails.

If you would like to see a video to show you how to find your Craigslist Software software and activate it, click here:

Authenticating CLS App Manager

You can login to 2 different areas of our system with your CLS credentials. Our website (your account / Ghostbusters Members area) & your software installer / updater. In addition to activating the plugin outlined in the Activation tab, you must also have your CLS App Manager toolbar icon switched to the active to use the software. The ghost icon pictured far left below must be in an active state, not translucent / disabled. Just click the Ghostbusters icon to turn it on or off.

craigslist software toolbar inactive

The red Ghostbusters icon below shows the active state with CLS Software ready for first use!

toolbar activate craigslist posting software

When you first the red Ghostbusters icon on the left, the icon changes from translucent to red and you are ready to use your Criagslist Software as intended.

Authentication Errors

If you set your Firefox to not remember History, or set your privacy settings to not accept cookies, the application will give you a pop error because it cannot authenticate. If you change your password on the website you need to run your updater with your new credentials, or you will also get this pop up authentication error. However, if more than 180 days have elapsed since your purchase, your license has expired, this will also give the authentication error. To be clear, if you have purchased your software before Tuesday the 24th of March, 2020 it will not update or authenticate. For your convenience, your Ghostbusters Membership, installer & Updater username are all authenticated with the email / password combo you signed up with. Reset your CLS password here if you have forgotten it, but remember that you will then need to run the software updater, and use your new credentials to reset your license to your new credentials.

First Use

craigslist flagging software dropdown menuOnce you have installed and activated the software, you can turn on the individual app by simply making any Craigslist search, and CraigsFlagger will turn itself on. When you leave the applicable Craigslist page, it shuts itself back off. You can click the arrow beside the Ghostbusters logo, when you'recraigslist flagging software widget on Craigslist's website to activate or deactivate different apps included with your purchase, although this is unnecessary, unless you dislike the theme styling and don't want to set your own for instance. To activate an app, select it if it is not already active, then refresh the Craigslist page that particular app was designed for, and it will then take effect and embed those features into the Craigslist page. The same for deactivating apps is true. When you are on a page that has nothing to do with any of our apps, the apps will not be active. This is normal. Apps only activate on the specific pages where they are required to be of use. CraigsPoster Pro is an exception. Just hover over the Launch Pad link to run any stand alone Apps such as CraigsPoster Pro.

In the top left corner of the Craigslist search results page within their sidebar, you will find our small CraigsFlagger Pro settings widget. You can check the small box to preview the ads as they are being flagged, or hide them as you wish. All your settings are in memory until you reset them.

In this small widget, you will also find 2 timers. The "Interval" timer on the top controls the interval between the flags. You can adjust this for a more "human" appearance if you think it will help you disguise what you're doing. The "Timeout" timer controls how long the program will wait on an ad that is not loading for whatever reason, possibly a slow proxy or Craigslist not loading quickly due to many photos in the ad perhaps. Adjust these timers if you experience difficulty. They save their settings until you reset them, so be advised not to forget about these settings if you adjust them.

You can set your spam settings to Reinforce, and use this widget to preview every ad in the section based upon your timer. This way you don't need to click through a hundred ads to view them all, just se the top timer for 15 seconds, click preview and a slideshow of all of the ads will commence. Click the reset button at the top of the preview window to cancel out of this mode.


craigslist flagging software dashboardYou can see in the widget image on the right there is also a button labeled CraigsDashboard. This feature is accessed from any Craigslist search page when your Craigslist flagging software or Craigslist posting software is active. Click this button to explore the rest of the apps and features that work upon the Craigslist search pages and posts. CraigsLive, CraigsNotes, CraigsTheme are all accessed from CraigsDashboard and there are links to the Quick Guide, our IP Tools and your Craigslist account page, which activates CraigsAccounts. CraigsAccounts activates regardlessly automatically when you visit their account page. This toolbar also displays your current IP address.

Configuring CLS App Manager

firefox Craigslist software addonsThe CLS App Manager is found under the "Tools >> Add-ons" link just under the Extensions tab in your 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit menu. (Also found under Tools >> CLS App Manager, also found by clicking the dropdown arrow beside the Ghostbusters icon in the toolbar once the CLS App Manager plugin is active.

The CLS App Manager is a platform we use to manage our suites of software applications all in one handy interface from within 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit. We also use this plugin to create an interface between our apps and Craigslist. It allows us to rebuild Craigslist pages on the fly and add or remove certain settings and features within Craigslist. In addition, CLS App Manager creates an interface in the Firefox toolbar to allow the user to manipulate and access certain settings for each application as well.

In the Add-ons configuration page under the CLS App Manager tab, you can enable or disable the different apps as you may need them, or decide to shut them off because they are not being used at the moment. You can always reactivate the ones you have disabled from this panel.

Your CLS App Manager comes with some pre-installed Apps when you buy it, which ones depend upon your package. If you already have CraigsFlagger Pro installed, you already have most of our features, except CraigsPoster Pro and FoxyRevolver. There is a significant discount when buying the Trinity Bundle (which contains all of our apps), over buying the applications individually.

CraigsPoster Pro

Either by itself, or used along with the other software we have mentioned, CraigsPoster Pro is the conscientious auto renewal tool that will keep your reputation with Craigslist safe, and keep your posts online, and not ghosted. Only those with extreme posting needs would need to call upon a VPS proxy server to assist them with larger posting requirements.

However, if you have 10 posting robots putting your business online day and night, it is likely a good investment to have an old laptop running from home day and night patrolling your accounts and making sure your posts are live. In your free time, you can still log into your Craigslist account from anywhere and add a few posts to the rotation, or edit the ones that are already there.

All other posters on the market have ghosting problems and gloss over the little details like cookies and proxies. If they have not mentioned any acceptable methods of handling each all important issue, it's because they haven't handled it, they have just glossed over it. They gloss all the way to the shopping cart of their website. The ones that clearly state you don't need free proxies, or that they scrape proxies online are going to ruin your PVA's, get you ghosted, and cause more problems than they solve.

Configuring CraigsPoster Pro is pretty easy

1) Open the CLS App Manager hover over the link that says "Launch Pad" then click "CraigsPoster Pro" in your Firefox browser, by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the Ghostbusters Icon in your Firefox toolbar.

2) Click the launch button on the dashboard page and the control panel for the bots will pop up. When first run, input the 5 digit order number found on your Member's area online My Account page when you are logged into the site, also it is in your welcome email.

3) Set your desired master schedule. Bots will only run between those hours, and the panel will say {Awaiting Schedule} if you are currently not within the hours you set. Once the time is within the parameters you set, the program will resume operation.

4) Add your account name and password into the right side of the control panel for each bot you want to use, and click save.

5) From the main control panel, click the "bot" you would like to set up, and click RUN to add that bot to the cycle of bots taking turns renewing your ads. The other bots do not run unless you activate them. Each will take its turn based upon the order it was activated.

5) Set the timers on the bot to suit your individual needs and renewal volume.

6) Check the box that is labeled "Scan Renewals" if the pause button is flashing.

7) Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6 for each new bot you would like to run.

8) You may "Hide" all CraigsPoster Pro bots, and minimize the control panel, but you may never shut off the control panel while you are using bots. It controls their behavior and is required for a bot to function. However, you may shut off Firefox while CraigsPoster Pro is operating. It will continue to operate.

9) Your machine can only log into ONE Craigslist account at once, so the bots take turns, when one is working, the others are waiting in the order in which they were activated.

That's all there is to it!

If your ads do not say renew next to them like in the photo, our software will not Edit Delete Repostpick them up for renewal. Ads generally come up for renewal 48 hours after you post them if you have a healthy ad, and healthy account. If you do not have a healthy account, please read our posting guide, and make one, then follow our rules to keep it healthy.

Also, as we mention in our posting guide, you do not "revolve" your IP's to post. This will get your account softblocked fast. You use the same ip to post each time from the same account. Do not mix them up. Use the same IP you used to create your new account. Do not use old accounts and expect good results. Step one is to create new accounts, one by one, one per day. Please read the posting guide before you try to use our software and confuse yourself.

You can run 10 different accounts, 50 ads per account at the same time, and the bots will all patrol each account that is assigned to them, and renew all ads in a renewal state, then go to sleep and wait until its time to work again. There is a randomizing factor built into the scheduling of these bots, and the timing between the renewals of each post.Those are the lower two timers. This will help to avoid the pattern recognition software that patrols the Craigslist posting sector looking for posting robots activity.

Craigslist Auto Poster Flow ChartControl Settings: We added a master schedule so you can target your marketing window. If you waste your renewals in the middle of the night, then by morning everyone will top-post you before you even wake up. The master schedule controls all bot movements. The default is set between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Bot Settings: We recommend, sleep for 38 minutes, work for 2 - 4 minutes, randomize renewals between 4 and 15 seconds. This strategy will pepper your renewals over a greater span incase someone is sitting there monitoring the section.You don't want the CraigsPoster Pro to dump all your renewals at once in one lump, and have someone steal the top spot with one top-post.

Tactical logic: With settings such as those mentioned above, the bot will fool your human competition into thinking you have gone from the machine. They will top post you after they think you left, then they will watch for a bit, and leave (go back to work). Then your robot will come back to life 38 minutes later, and post several ads, but not all of them. It goes to sleep after a few minutes, and saves some of your renewals in the event someone top posts you in the next 38 minutes. Adjust to your own needs and renewal volume accordingly.

Proxies: You don't need proxies to login and renew your posts with CraigsPoster Pro from anywhere in the world for all 10 accounts in any locations you like. If you're a heavy poster, you may need clean proxies to post the initial ads. Please see our proxies tutorial, and posting, ghosting, VPS tutorials to determine your posting requirements.

Flow Chart: Our handy flow chart shows you how our Craigslist posting software functions, and the logic that the application uses to make its automated decisions. This should help you get an idea of what effect each function has upon your automated Craigslist posting software so you can take advantage of each particular feature.

Don't use Internet Explorer!

CraigsPoster Pro is using certain files and directories that belong to internet explorer. Do not interfere with the robot by using internet explorer  while CraigsPoster Pro is running, or you may interrupt its process, and mess up its cookie jar etc. Use Firefox, or Chrome if you must browse while running CraigsPoster Pro these browsers will have no effect upon your Craigslist posting software and will not interfere with its automated processes.

Watch your Cookies

For those of you that don't know, Craigslist drops persistent cookies on your machine that last for one month. These cookies are replaced each time the robot functions to avoid long term tracking statistics on your accounts and keep you from being ghosted. Some people run several accounts very moderately from the same IP address. This is fine if you keep your posts less than 10 per day, per account. However, if you need to boost your productivity, or if you just want to play it safe, you may require more IP addresses. The cookies used by CraigsPoster Pro are in Internet Explorer, NOT Firefox. Firefox is only used for the CLS App Manager, and has little to do with the function of CraigsPoster Pro.

Configure Firefox

Our PC software is designed to work with 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit only.

It is required to prevent Firefox from updating from 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit. On occasion, if Firefox is allowed to do as it pleases, it can disrupt your Craigslist Software. Our installer adds a configuration file to your default Firefox program folder to do this step for you automatically, along with about 30 other performance tweaks for Firefox. However, if you decided to delete the Firefox program folder or not install Firefox until after you install our software despite the order our instructions are listed, then you can either then run the CLS Restore / Update feature which will re-add that configuration file back into to your fresh Firefox installation, or you can freeze Firefox manually.

As you may have noticed, Firefox can sometimes interrupt different plugins with an automatic update. If you do not want any unforeseen irritation from an automatic Firefox update - do not allow it to update on it's own. If the features described below are grayed out in your configuration panels, then our configuration file is in effect, and you need not bother with any such Firefox settings.

If your browser updated on its own, just reinstall 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit All you need to do is Freeze  🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit and everything is as it once was, and all of your favorite plugins, including ours of course, continue to work just fine. Click the image on the left to see how to Freeze your Firefox.

Troubleshooting Firefox

about firefox Craigslist softwareIf you are unsure of what version of Firefox you are running, go to Firefox >> Help >> About and you can see the version. It should look like the image to the left. If it doesn't, get the correct version. If you have a system crash, it is possible you will damage your CLS App Manager, Firefox, or even Windows files. If you click the CLS Restore / Update feature, it will replace all of the CLS App Manager core files. If there is still an error, you can try a system restore Provided you set a restore point After you installed our software as we encouraged you to do. If this doesn't work, it is possible your Firefox profile has become corrupted. Rather than delete the entire profile, or reinstall Firefox you can delete the prefs file found in your Firefox profile folder. To do this quickly, In Firefox top toolbar just visit Help >> Troubleshooting Information and on that page, there is a button that says Show profile folder. Click that button, and shut off Firefox. Go into the profile folder that you opened, and rename prefs.js to prefs.jsold. Then restart Firefox.

If you are still out of luck, you might need to reinstall 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit. If you damage your own system beyond repair, just use the CLS Restore / Update feature and simply re-authenticate & re-activate the CLS App Manager. ⚡ Do not system restore your computer earlier than the date you installed our software, or you will need to repurchase your license.

Craigslist Flagging & Posting tools menu

firefox Craigslist software menuDue to the limitations of the Windows 10 Metro interface, we have elected to create a different menu of tools and shortcuts conveniently built right into your shell. In the latest version of Craigslist Flagging and Posting software, click on the desktop where there are no files or folders to change the focus of the pointer to the desktop. Then hold the shift key, and right click the desktop. You must hold the shift key, and you must not have any other files selected / focused when you right click the desktop. The Desktop Extended Context Menu pops up, and at the top of it, you will find our new menu with a variety of Craigslist posting and flagging tools.

  • Activate: will perform the plugin activation steps automatically if your system is configured to allow it to.
  • CraigsFlagger Pro: Launches Firefox and visits a search page to display the flagging software. (if you purchased it)
  • CraigsPoster Pro: Launches CraigsPoster. (if you purchased it)
  • Freeze Firefox: will change your profile prefs to add the icons into the toolbar as they are depicted in our toolbar images, it deletes the Firefox Updaters, and any pending updates it began downloading, and it copies our Firefox configuration file to the correct spots which will prevent it from updating.
  • Reset all options: deletes all of your user preferences for CraigsFlagger Pro, CraigsPoster Pro including all the timers, schedule and Craigslist accounts you added in the event there is a data corruption in the settings files due to a bad shutdown.
  • Login: logs you into the Ghostbusters Members area automatically.
  • Update will update the core files of the most recent Craigslist Flagging or Posting software you installed.
  • Facebook: links you to our Facebook page.
  • YouTube : links you to our YouTube channel. Not all of our content is visible from YouTube, you must login and view our members only videos from our website.

We do continue to add a similar set of links to your program directory, including your software updater. Use Classic Shell if you don't have a start menu / programs directory to access the windows legacy program directory.

Updating CLS App Manager

Last Updated - 📇 CraigsPoster Pro Last Updated: August 9th, 2019 | Ver. 19.8.9

update craigslist flagging softwareOur installers always fetch the most current updated version, as does our built in CLS Restore / Update feature. You don't need to contact support to update and or restore your software as often as you like.

Our software comes with a built in Update / Repair feature. You can access this feature anytime during your license period, if you had a bad windows crash etc, simply running our Update / Repair tool will repair your software from any system issues. There is no need to ask us, or contact support to maintain your own software completely. If however, your update features don't exist because you changed computers or operating systems, you will need to visit the store for a replacement. You get one installation on one machine once only which also embeds the unlimited update feature. After that, you always have your Update / Repair program in your program directory to resolve anything you might need. This feature is also how we control the license on your system. The updater verifies your license is still valid as you update or restore your software without any intervention required from our team.

You will need to enter your membership credentials, your username and password to install or update your CraigslistSoftware products. If you do not remember your credentials, you were sent a welcome email when you purchased the software. This email address is your Member's username . You chose your password. If you cannot remember your site password, please reset it here. If you reset your password, you need to run the update feature with your new credentials to update them within your system so your software can automatically continue to authenticate itself.

We address any defects in our software as fast as possible. If Craigslist changes their site for any reason, we cannot predict this in advance and it will take just a bit of time for us to adapt to their new code. We appreciate your patience when this occurs, your welcome to drop us a quick note if your software stops functioning, we will put your report on the desk of our software crew if it is a Craigslist update that caused the issue. If Craigslist has not changed anything, then it is your system with the fault, and you may simply use the built in update feature. You will not be charged for the updates, this is free of charge for 6 months.

The CLS Update link is in your browser menu, your start menu program directory, and your Desktop shift right click extended context menu. Just run the updater from any of these locations to update to the latest version of our software. You need not contact support for permission. Your updater will function for 180 days from date of purchase.

If you need more information about the CLS Restore / Update feature, it is found on the Updates Page.

WTF is CLS App Manager?

Cls App manager is a plugin that manages most of our software from a single convenient interface. FoxyRevolver and CraigsCookies are the exceptions, they are their own plugin. CLS App Manager manages all of our other applications within Firefox. You can access this interface 3 ways. From the Firefox >> Tools menu, from the toolbar next to the Firefox address bar, and from the Firefox >> Tools >> Addons configuration page.

From the CLS App Manager you can turn features on or off, access updates for each application, activate CraigsPoster Pro if you have it installed. This interface automatically turns all your Craigslist Embedded Features on and off automatically as you visit different areas of Craigslist, no configuration is required to turn on the Flagger, Reinforcer, CraigsAccounts, CraigsLive, or CraigsTheme as you browse Craigslist.

You access these features by visiting the applicable Craigslist page directly, and configure them from within Craigslist itself. Check out our some of our flagger videos for a brief demonstration.

My software seems to have installed but does not show in the Firefox toolbar..

Check your other Addons (disable all other plugins if you have a conflict), and restart Firefox. Then check your Addons Page again, and you should find CLS App Manager. Enable it if it has been automatically or otherwise disabled, and restart Firefox. This will resolve the issue, and your new installation will now appear as it should in your 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit toolbar.

Do you have an invasive super paranoid anti-virus installed? Norton and the rest of them are known to interfere with many different kinds of software installers and even windows itself. If this is the case, disable your anti-virus in advance. 

Are you using the correct browser 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit?

My software installed but will not automatically authenticate..

If you set your Firefox to not remember History, or set your privacy settings to not accept cookies, this is the cause. 

Did you reset your password on the My Account page? If so, you need to run the Updater with your new credentials to reset them within your system, then your software will function again.

Do I need Proxies to use CraigsPoster Pro?

CraigsPoster Pro is the only software that can repost from 10 accounts with NO PROXIES REQUIRED.

How should I post the original ad so CraigsPoster will pick it up in the renewal cycle?

It is absolutely mandatory for you to read the Posting Tutorials, and learn how to post properly if your ads are not coming up for renewal. Post a few a day only.. over time, you will have dozens of them coming up for renewal every 48 hours.. at that point, you can stop posting ads, and let our system keep bumping them up to the top by renewing them.

Once you learn how this is done, with one account.. you can open another.. following our rules of course for opening new accounts.. and repeat this process for use with up to 10 accounts with CraigsPoster. Our CraigsAccount app automates the cookie removal and replacement procedure, so you NEVER forget when you're making new accounts, or logging into existing ones. It also stores all of your Craigslist Accounts email and password combinations for easy one click access on the login page. Check out our App Store for a complete list of our additional included feature Apps and their capabilities.

CraigsPoster Pro is not posting my ads..

CraigsPoster Pro only posts the ads that are in a renewal state, as described clearly in our product description, and on the front page of it's website,

Our program does not place adds, it renews ads you place. If you post properly from a proper account, they come up for renewal on their own 48 hours after you place the ad. like in the picture on the left.

If you're using a junk "softblocked" account, which you probably are if you have had it for a while... or if you're using the same ad again and again.. or if it gets ghosted flagged or deleted, it will not come up for renewal, and it will not be renewed. You need to replace that account, and begin posting into it again, and follow our posting rules, exactly.

Once you post properly from a clean account, you will see your ads coming up again for renewal on their own in 48 hours. Only once they are in the renewal state, our software bumps them to the top and renews them. Its all in your posting technique, to get Craigslist to put them in a renewal state every 48 hours. Our software is not a substitute for posting properly. Our software does not force the ad back into Craigslist, or force it to renew. You need to post properly in the first place, or its not going to be renewed.

CraigsPoster Pro seems to have locked up in a perpetual waiting mode..

Just click this link, download the .bat file and double click it to run it. It deletes the exact part of the registry where CraigsPoster Pro keeps its saved settings. Then just rerun the CraigsPoster Pro program again, and its as good as new. This deletes all your CraigsPoster Pro timer settings, but also the account names and passwords. Make sure you have a backup of those before you run this file. CraigsPoster Reg Fix the program deletes the proper data, then removes its self in about 3 seconds. If you need to use it again, just pop back in here, and grab another copy, or find the link in your program directory to reset CraigsPoster Pro.

How do I find out if my Proxy is from where they say it's from? How does Craigslist know where I'm located?

Craigslist uses state of the art geoip-location services such as Maxmind to pinpoint your IP's location. This online tool uses the exact same database as Craigslist to determine where in the world your IP is from along with other information that is provided by Maxmind. Visit to see all of the information that Craigslist can tell about you directly from your IP alone. You can also use this web-tool to check the validity and location of all of your proxies as well before you try to use them for flagging on Craigslist.

When do I use CraigsCookies to remove my cookies?

Only when you are on your accounts page before you log into Craigslist do you need to clear your cookies with that feature, unless you have CraigsAccounts installed, which does this for you automatically. CraigsAccounts is now included with any suite, including this one.

Clear your cookies if you are logging in from multiple IP's and multiple accounts. However, when you are flagging, our software takes care of all of the flagging cookies. If you interfere with it, you will not be flagging at all, it will not work, even if it seems to be. Our software knows which cookies are bad, or used and which ones are needed and when and is programmed to replace the bad ones with fresh ones automatically. I repeat, if you interfere with our automated process and keep clearing the cookies yourself while flagging, you will flag NOTHING!

If your software is constantly auto re-authenticating.. it is because you're deleting all of your browser cookies including your authentication cookies from our website, and you should not be touching those cookies, your software requires them to function. Read over the Beginners Guide for proper operation considerations and precautions please.

I want to put this on more than one machine, how do I do that?

One computer per license, one installation only. You have unlimited downloads in the event you are visiting the link from a poor connection or something and don't get your download at first, not for extra machines.

Just click any applicable link or package in or store to buy as many licenses as you require. We have economic multi-licensing options for all of our programs and our Trinity Bundle . If you have bought both CraigsFlagger ProCraigsposter Pro separately, just ask support to upgrade you to the Trinity Bundle free of charge and receive FoxyRevolver for free!

How do I contact support, what is the best time?

You can reach us here, and you can send your mails when ever you like. Our staff does their best to serve you as fast as possible. Sometimes we are able to assist you outside of business hours, and if we are here we will. If we are unavailable, please be patient. There are very few of us dealing with very many. If you bought our software and tutorials, you are entitled to them.

It is our goal to work with everyone as partners in our effort to make Craigslist profitable for us all. We need our support staff to be dealing with technical support. The members area is for the methodology required to make the software perform optimally.

If there is truly something that we have not addressed in the members areas that is limiting your ability to use our software, please let us know. If you have a testimonial or a great suggestion, we would be glad to hear it. We are constantly updating the Ghostbusters Members section with new scripts cool software and more elaborate tutorials and videos. Please limit your use of our support staff unless your software is not functioning, or did not install properly. If this is the case, we definitely want to hear from you until the issue is entirely resolved. Thanks for your patience, support, and understanding.

Ghostbusters Membership Access

Ghostbusters members areaYour Ghostbusters Membership registration is automatic with any purchase and you can simply login for full access of our Ghsostbusters Member's areas.

Your Ghostbusters Paid Members area is located by hovering over the "Members" link while you are logged in to our website. If you are not logged in now, you can do so by clicking here. If you are not logged in, you will not see the paid members tutorials, but your software can still be used provided you have installed it and turned it on.

The instructions under the "Guide" link in the menu bar detail the operation and features of the applicable application. The tutorials describe the methodology behind the tools. You need to learn about Craigslist before you try to operate the tools. It's not overly complex, but it's not a guessing game. You must read the entire members area and the instructions to be able to get the most out of our software.

Please use our search feature in the main navigation bar to search for any topics of interest, or type in any questions you may have as well. We require that you read specific members area pages prior to contacting support to keep our staff from having to repeat the information found within our tutorials by email, such as "Did you install the correct browser 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit?"

Craigslist Software Support

To avoid confusion, we need you to include your username which is the email you signed up with for your security, to ensure we are corresponding with the same person who paid for the software, and your order number so we can quickly find you in our system. If you need an update, simply go ahead and update the software, it's a built in feature. 

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am until 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Craigslist flagging RobotSoftware developers and tech support personnel use specific terms such as Download, Install, Activate and Authenticate by which to describe in which mode you are interacting with the software. You cannot call every function downloadin. First, you Download the software, then you Authenticate it as you Install it, then you go into Firefox >> Tools >> Addons and Activate it if it failed this step on its own during the Installation. We need to agree upon these terms to communicate with you effectively.

If you have actually downloaded and installed the software but cannot find it because you didn't activate it in Firefox's Add-ons settings page, or have activated it, but cannot use it because you didn't turn it on in the toolbar by clicking the icon, or you accidentally turned it off by clicking it inadvertently, then you didn't review these instructions in the preceding tabs correctly or completely. We understand its a bit to take in, and we have minimized as many steps as we could with our installer.

There are actually only really a couple of solutions to remedy nearly everything that could possibly happen. Reset forgotten passwords or restore / update the software. If you managed to get past the installation stage successfully, the CLS Restore / Update feature is already built into your browser menu, your start menu program directory & the Desktop shift + right click context menu. If you suspect your software is not working, you can update it through any of these locations at your convenience.

Please do not assume you can find the software unless you review the "Activate" tab and make sure it has been activated, its built right into Firefox and you will not see it unless your plugin has been activated in the Firefox Add-ons page. Our software installs directly into your browser, not onto your desktop.

For general inquiries, please fill out the contact form and we will respond shortly thereafter. Usually we can get back to you right away.

To avoid confusion, when contacting support; please include your payment email, which is also your username and your order number so we can find you in our system and respond quickly. We need you to include your Username, which is your PayPal email you signed up with for your security, to make sure we are dealing with the same person who paid for the software.

Please do not remove the software for any reason, if you do, we can not replace it for free. If you have any issues you cannot overcome via resetting password or using the CLS Restore / Update feature, you need to contact support and we will resolve it entirely. If you removed the software, you need to visit our store and buy a new copy. Our license is for one installation on one machine only, as all our clients agree to during the installation. We are very upfront about this and very strict about our policy. This is why it is important for you to create a System Restore Point (Right Now) the moment all of your software is installed and operational, and take care of your system. This ensures you will enjoy our software for the duration of your license and not need to repurchase because of an unforeseen technical issue.

Craigslist Software Products

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Android Extension Requirements: Yandex, Kiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.