Here are a some customer Testimonials..


“Thank you for sharing such precious Craigslist knowledge with us. I learn a lot from your “Member Links” section. After I got your “CraigsFlagger” and Vladmir ~ Brooklin


“I just wanted to say thank you. The way you responded to my emails in a efficient manner with a resolution soon there after is greatly appreciated. When I purchased your software I was looking for a quick way to flag and take down a bunch of ads. After reading through the WEALTH of information that you have listed here I must say, I read and re read all of your sections and found much information that I never would have known otherwise. You have given me a much different view about Craigslist and the way it operates. I now understand why my 9 ads per day were not showing up anywhere. I probably won’t use the flagger but the the knowledge that I have gained while doing the reading and the email harvester are going to serve a great use. This was the best 50.00 I’ve invested in software (or knowledge) thus far. I thank you for this resource you have provided and for the free upgrade you gave me. I will probably bounce a few questions off you folks as I get ready to use the flagging piece but with the vast direction you have provided I’m sure there will be little to question.”

Eric ~ united kingdom


“I want to tell you I use your site every day.
The how to write a Craigslist add has added 1000s of hits to my many websites…”

Bruce ~ boston


“Wow! Thanks for the helpful knowledge well worth the asking price. I’ve learned so much from the tutorials. I appreciate the knowledge.”

Travis ~ cold lake, alberta


“I simply wanted to say you have an absolutely brilliant mind. I came here to purchase a scraper and after reading your “philosophy” I realized your understanding of life is light years ahead of the masses. After reading that section I have had a reawakening of sorts and for that I say thanks. I try to find inspiration daily and you have given me many weeks of such”

Larry ~ detroit, michigan


“Matt, I just wanted to say thank you for the information on your site. by using i have identified a malicious flagger. thank you!”

Barb ~ new your, new york


“Sorry for being such a pain earlier– your software is THE S**T! I’m just now beginning to understand how to use all the features, and I got a great proxy ip changer thing. All those guys that keep flagging my ads for no reason (other than that I’m taking business away from them), who are posting in the wrong area to begin with are seriously going to regret it~~ Lol, Love it– it’s already working!”

Crystal ~ l.a.


“i definitely would like to explore CraigsFlagger Pro and purchase it as well..

im very excited on the update of the software and i am ready to go for it whenever you are…lol

i still want to purchase another software for my second p.c – ill be in touch with regards to that as well, the summer holiday and the overwhelming battle with CL police have kicked me out of normal life routine.

again, thank you so much for everything, your costumer care is beyond awesome!”

Russel ~ ohio


“Thanks and I think your software is fricking AMAZING!!!!! Ran into some very dangerous scummy men on CL in Dallas and I’ll keep flagging easily thanks to your great talents!! MANY THANKS FOR SHARING, LET US HELP IN SHUTTING DOWN SOME OF THE CL CREEPS!!!

Next you should do something about FaceBook cuz the stuff these kids post and say and threaten is unbelievable.”

Gene ~ dallas, texas


“My ass is winning. I caught the flag attacker, and by using  

“your website is gold! loved the philosophy section, thanks!!!!!”

David ~ phoenix, arizona


“omg! YES! LOL 😀

i started to read yesterday… but went like, ok! i got some serious reading to do over the weekend!

i decided to try to go all the way with the devise you instructed to build, it looks like a tough thing to build (or im just a lil slow on tech things… lol) i really feel that this would be my ticket to success.

p.s the member login area is just WONDERFUL!”

Jennifer ~ utah


“your the king for replying and putting this together, saving my sanity and a lot of good people’s jobs (employees) a very sincere, thank you. will upgrade the account or whatever, big fan here.”

Matthew ~ portland, oregon


“So after the first email and the second, the f@#!er stopped flagging me. He blew his account posting so much, same titles etc. that i knock him out with one or two flags. Hes now at my mercy. Hes shaken that i caught him and told him ill get him back, so he backed off. He does not even click on my ads it seems.

So yeah, ur free to use my my testimonial!”

Jeff ~ alabama


“Hey! I purchased your program. It’s definitely worth the money. I like how it automates the whole process!”

Brent ~ sherman oaks, california


“will continue to donate to the cause, thanks bud..”

Keith ~ bowling green, kentucky


“I’m using  

“you rock Matt!!! 🙂 thanks for everything! you’ve been a god gift to me 🙂

Elain ~ pittsburg


“Thank you SO much for a quick reply – you rock! \m/

i will go through the site later on today and will check on what’s new :)”

Elain ~ again..


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