CraigslistSoftware Refund Policy

If you have trouble downloading or installing your software, we are here to help. We can use technology such as teamviewer to investigate the installation issue within 7 days of purchase, and manually go into your system and install it for you if there is some kind of unusual difficulty with your system. We offer full technical support for installation and membership access only. We want every single member to have each piece of software installed and functioning without exception. Once you have installed the product it is not our responsibility. You must take care of your system to prevent the loss of your programs. We provide free updates for 180 days from date of purchase only if and when Craigslist changes something and our software needs to be changed.

If you have an issue installing your new software, there are instructions under the guide link on the main menu. Please read them, this is not like other software, and guessing how it works is futile. If you have read the instructions for your applicable software and your still unable to locate or activate it, please contact support and explain the situation. If you have not already installed the software, we will resolve the issue and get you up and running, no exceptions.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. Due to the digital nature of our software and tutorials, and due to the fact that we do not use restrictive licensing systems, we do not provide refunds for installed software any reason. We ask that you take your time before purchasing anything from us, to ensure that you are 100% committed to the purchase.

Q. Why don’t you offer refunds?

A. Because our products are digital in nature, there is nothing to prevent scammers from paying for the software, downloading it, and then requesting a refund. That is the main reason we do not offer refunds. Craigslist and related technologies can at time attract scammers. We have been scammed repeatedly in the past, and this persistent behavior has shaped our current policy.

Q. But I really want my money back, what can I do?

A. If you have downloaded our software, you have been asked to agree to our terms and conditions prior to downloading our software. If you have already accessed our members area, how is it that you propose to return the information to us? There are no refunds, and no exceptions. We have made an exceptional members area with a diverse list of relevant topics and free downloads from custom scripts to more free plugins etc. We have created something that no one who has purchased it with the intent of paying for it, will have any valid reason to request their money back.

Q. What kind of company doesn’t offer refunds?

A. The Apple App Store to name just one, for all the same reasons.