Members Proxy List

The Proxy List Tool is where the real magic happens. People wonder what our secret weapon to get unlimited free geoip located proxies was, well this is the tool we developed for this purpose. Between this tool, and FoxyRevolver you can quickly create your own custom Botnet army and rain down geoip located flags across enemy lines. Click any of the little fox icons to the left of the proxy servers in the list, and it will instantly auto configure the proxy in FoxyRevolver and set your Firefox browser to that proxy. You should probably click the recheck button first to see if this proxy is still alive or your browser won’t connect to the internet again until you shut of FoxyRevolver or delete that proxy from FoxyRevolver.

When you fish around the internet and grab pages of raw data to drop into the Proxy Parser, our server analyzes the data, parses the proxy configuration information and collects the working ones and leaves them in this form for all of our members to find and make use of. You can search through this list for your city or area where you are using Craigslist, and simply click all the proxies within 50 miles of you to load them up in FoxyRevolver for your own personal use. FoxyRevolver has its own built in proxy testing function as well. Sometimes these proxies start and stop, and start again. Just because the proxy worked when you got it, doesn’t mean it will stay working, and the opposite is also true. Check them before you try to use them.