Instructions CraigsFlagger Pro (Craigslist Ad Preview)

⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.

CraigsFlagger Pro

This feature is available to logged in users with an active Pro subscription. To enable it, first login, then visit the options page, and check the box beside the CraigsFlagger label to enable this particular feature. This feature requires the Unbanish feature and the CraigsReinforcer feature to operate correctly.

This application runs on any Craigslist search results page. There are two settings areas for this feature. There is a widget on the left of the page with a visibility preview toggle checkbox. This allows the user to show or hide the ads as they are being previewed. Beneath this checkbox, there is a slider control for timing the duration between ads as it previews, and another timer which will monitor for errors and pages that don’t load, and after the elapsed time set in the slider, it will skip that ad and move on to the next. You may need to adjust this error timer in the case of a slow connection, or slow proxy. The “Stop Preview” button will halt any running preview cycle.

The main toolbar is found above the search results on any Craigslist search results page. Unbanish was designed to cooperate with the Preview feature. All ads which are not hidden by the Unbanished feature will be targeted by the preview feature. All hidden ads will be ignored. There are automatic cycles, you can preview all non hidden ads 1, 4 or infinitely in a cycle. There is a hidden sub-toolbar that can be exposed by clicking the gear icon on the far right within the main toolbar. There are 2 types of preview modes.

Spam mode: If your section is overrun with spam ads, you can hide all the non spam ads, and easily automatically mark all the non hidden ads as spam without having to open and click each one manually. The Unbanish feature will ensure that these ads will remain visible even after they are marked as spam unless they are manually hidden. You can make this process visible if you choose, and preview the ads as they are being visited and marked as spam. *Note, flagging an ad does not make it disappear. Flagging an ad from multiple locations within a 50 mile radius of where it was posted from does. Please do not abuse this feature, or we will remove it.

Reinforce mode: You can hide all ads that are not of interest to you with the Unbanish controls, and then run a preview cycle to view them automatically as a sort of slide show while the application is cycling. You would toggle the visibility checkbox in the widget to see the ads as they are cycled. In this way, you can have a hands free Craigslist slideshow of all the ads you search. The more your ads are viewed, the more flags that are required to remove them. This is very simple, but also very effective.

The reset button will clear all control settings and stop the preview cycle. You can also stop the preview cycle by clicking the “Stop Preview” button in the widget control on the top left of any search page.

CraigsFlagger Pro is bundled with Craigslist Ad Preview Pro.

⚡ Note: Another wonderful aspect of activating Google Sync, is all of your CraigsPoster Pro’s saved ads, and even the entire extension along with all of your saved CraigsAccounts credentials are all automatically shared and available across all of your devices when you sign into Chrome or Yandex or any other Chromium based browser!

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⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.