Instructions For CraigsAccounts (Craigslist Ad Preview)

⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.

craigsaccounts productOur CraigsAccounts app is a Pro feature included in Craigslist Ad Preview.

You must have the setting checked in the App Manager Options page to use this feature, and be signed in to the software with a Pro subscription as well. The extension itself must also be in an active state, not grayed out or disabled.

Once you have activated the feature, you may visit the Craigslist account page (, to see the applications toolbar embedded into the top of that page.

Craigslist software craigsaccounts

CraigsAccounts allows you to add all of your craigslist accounts to a handy drop down list built into the top of the login page of craigslist. You can select any account email and password combination and from the drop down menu and drop it into the login box with 2 simple clicks.

The secret part of the login page that craigslist doesn’t want you to know, is they Geoip locate your IP address, analyse your browser fingerprint and keep track of your activities with cookies each time you visit their site. They add this information to your account and use it to analyze and compare each login session you have.

Since you are not allowed to have more than one craigslist account, you will get softblocked if you do not clear all of your craigslist cookies each time before you even visit the login page. CraigsCookies clears all your old craigslist cookies, and it gets you new ones so you can login properly every time.

You can do this manually, now that you know their tracking trick. But remember, their database never forgets. One slip, and you get 2 softblocked accounts instantly. Cross account cookies are the main reason for weak craigslist accounts. That’s why we added the auto cookie removal feature to this app – one less thing to remember.

With CraigsAccounts, every time you visit the craigslist login page, you are a brand new visitor as far as craigslist is aware. Very handy app, never worry about forgetting your cookies, or losing your login information for your various craigslist accounts again!

CraigsAccounts is bundled with Craigslist Ad Preview Pro.

⚡ Note: Another wonderful aspect of activating Google Sync, is all of your CraigsPoster Pro’s saved ads, and even the entire extension along with all of your saved CraigsAccounts credentials are all automatically shared and available across all of your devices when you sign into Chrome or Yandex or any other Chromium based browser!

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⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.