By your IP address, we know which country and city you are from.

That’s not all we know, and Craigslist knows even more than that about you. They keep detailed records of all the IP’s and all their activities on their website in an effort to enforce their rules. If you would like to mask your identity completely, and even automatically encrypt your connection, you need to have a proxy manager. This is the only software you can set up to be like your own personal encrypted TOR system. The difference is, with our proxy managers, you control the rotation and timing of the ips for each application, all at once, all separately. With TOR, you never get the same ip twice. This makes placing Craigslist ads with TOR out of the question.

We currently offer great tools for ip management that were designed in coordination with all of our other software.

The other tool we offer is free in our Ghostbusters Members area, when logged in, click the link that says IP Tools.

Craigslist Software Products

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⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.