Features of CraigsFlagger Pro

Our new edition of CraigsFlagger Pro is much different from our older versions. The Windows versions have the ability to update for 180 days without even contacting us. If you believe there has been an update posted, or if your software was damaged, you can click the update link in your program directory, and it will replace any applicable files. If you just visit your Program Directory, you will find our directory listed in there called Craigslistsoftware. Under this directory, you will find any and all of our paid software under that directory. We have also included a folder called Tutorials that contains links to our members area tutorials for quick reference. Under the CraigsFlagger Pro directory, You will find a link to some random Craigslist search page that will demonstrate CraigsFlagger Pro.

You will also find the update link which you may use to update your flagger app as required. We do not send you new updates for your CraigslistSoftware App Manager for free. It will never require an update. If you break it, visit our store and repurchase it. We will not prevent you from trying to update your apps by using the built in Update feature to see if you can fix it first, but we do not guarantee that will solve your issue. So take care of your system.

Our new CraigsFlagger Pro has an App Manager, and the applicable built in apps. You can access the App Manager by clicking Tools >> CLS App Manager >> Manage Apps, and it will take you to the page where you can enable or disable these apps as you wish. There is also a small Ghostbusters icon you will find in your toolbar, that you can click to enable or disable the entire CraigslistSoftware App Manager. When you click it the first time, you will be required to login to your CraigslistSoftware account so you can access the apps. Disabling an app will not remove it. CraigslistSoftware Apps are accessed from our server only by members in good standing, and are not removed unless the program is uninstalled. Some people do not want all of the apps running if they are not using them, so the prefer to enable only the ones they are using.

CraigslistSoftware Apps

  • (all versions) Agent Smith is our idea of a little bonus quick guide. He directs you to find this guide and get started. You can visit Tools >> CLS App Manager >> Manage Apps to disable him one you have listened to what he says.

  • CraigsTheme is a full feature rich theme which allows you to change the text | links | button colors, background, and add images to suit your fancy. This is for 2 purposes, to ease the burden on your eyes from the white Craigslist screen, and to disguise what you’re doing if you’re wardriving. Even when you refresh the page, it will not flicker back to white.

  • (all versions) CraigsDashboard is the dash panel of buttons that you might like to visit for a quick reference, and it also shows your current IP address.

  • (all versions) CraigsFlagger Pro has be entirely reinvented for the new Craigslist format. We just added a viewer so you can open a little side window, and watch the ad being flagged as the robot goes down the list. We also added variable timers, one for how long the app will spend on a slow loading ad before it calls it an error and moves to the next ad, and another timer that allows you to choose how fast the app goes down the list as it flags the ads. We also changed how it flags 4X, it does not reload the entire page, it does this in the background as it deals with cookies etc. The Flag Forever feature does reload the entire page though, so we can get the new ads that were posted after the button was clicked. We trust you will enjoy the enhancements very much.

  • CraigsScraper is all new as well for version 10.0+ of our flaggers. As you might notice, it grabs all the emails and selects them for you in a long list. All you need to do is copy and paste them to your favorite bulk email program, such as the one we provide you here. You probably noticed the phone scraper too. That is a very slick feature that we use to auto-dial a message to every phone number we drop into a different telephone app we have been designing for an upcoming release.

Our new app will be on sale in a couple of months. You can autodial, auto text, auto everything. It's a fully featured robotic telephone system we are sure you will enjoy, and it's powered by twilio, very economical 😉