Downgrade Firefox

Our Craigslist flagging software, Craigslist posting software & our Craigslist proxy software are all designed to work with

⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.

It is required that we prevent Firefox from updating from this version. On occasion, if Firefox is allowed to do as it pleases, it can disrupt your Craigslist Software. Our installer adds a configuration file to your default Firefox program folder to do this step for you automatically, along with about 30 other performance tweaks for Firefox. However, if you decided to delete the Firefox program folder or not install Firefox until after you install our software despite the order our instructions are listed, then you can either then run the CLS Restore / Update feature which will re-add that configuration file back into to your fresh Firefox installation, or you can freeze Firefox manually.

As you may have noticed, Firefox can sometimes interrupt different plugins with an automatic update. If you do not want any unforeseen irritation from an automatic Firefox update – do not allow it to update on it’s own. If the features described below are grayed out in your configuration panels, then our configuration file is in effect, and you need not bother with any such Firefox settings.

If your browser updated on its own, just reinstall [ff_version] All you need to do is Freeze Firefox and everything is as it once was, and your favorite plugins, including ours of course, continue to work just fine. Click the image on the left to see how to Freeze your Firefox.

Troubleshooting Firefox

about firefox Craigslist softwareIf you are unsure of what version of Firefox you are running, go to Firefox >> Help >> About and you can see the version. It should look like the image to the left. If it doesn’t, get the correct version. If you have a system crash, it is possible you will damage your CLS App Manager, Firefox, or even Windows files. If you click the CLS Restore / Update feature, it will replace all of the CLS App Manager core files. If there is still an error, you can try a system restore Provided you set a restore point After you installed our software as we encouraged you to do. If this doesn’t work, it is possible your Firefox profile has become corrupted. Rather than delete the entire profile, or reinstall Firefox you can delete the prefs file found in your Firefox profile folder. To do this quickly, In Firefox top toolbar just visit Help >> Troubleshooting Information and on that page, there is a button that says Show profile folder. Click that button, and shut off Firefox. Go into the profile folder that you opened, and rename prefs.js to prefs.jsold. Then restart Firefox.

If you are still out of luck, you might need to reinstall [ff_version]. If you damage your own system beyond repair, just use the CLS Restore / Update feature and simply re-authenticate & re-activate the CLS App Manager. ⚡ Do not system restore your computer earlier than the date you installed our software, or you will need to repurchase your license.

For your convenience, we stored several compatible versions of important Add-ons which are no longer found online since Firefox banned these types of add-ons and deleted them from their website. Most of these drop their icon in the customize toolbar bin, you need to fish it out after you install it and place the buttons where you want them. There is no support for these features, they are just posted for your free use. We have not modified these Add-ons, and they are safe and secure to use, we have been using these for years. You can find these add-ons in the Bonus Software page.

For the serious tweakers and ocd configurators, we have a Firefox tweaking guide here you can use at your own peril. We set many custom configuration settings in a Firefox configuration file which is installed with your software to ensure you have a fast and furious browser and a flawless platform for using our software. If you wish to discover how this configuration works, and some of what we tweaked, check out Firefox Tweaks. If you mess it up, just click the Freeze Firefox setting described under the configuration tab in our instruction pages, this resets everything so your browser works as it should.

If for any reason you feel your downgraded Firefox browser is less secure because your updates have been shut off, then by all means, use the new Microsoft browser, Safari or Google Chrome for your secure browsing. Activities which require a secure updated browser may include:

  • password protected pages such as banking, facebook, instagram
  • porn sites
  • torrent sites
  • free streaming movie sites