Instructions For CraigsLive

craigslive featureOur CraigsLive app is an addon for any CraigsFlagger Pro or CraigsPoster Pro  suite.

Visit any Craigslist search page (, to see the application’s CraigsLive clock icon button embedded into the CraigsDashboard toolbar.

Once you activate CraigsLive, the app will continuously scan Craigslist for any new ads that match your last search, and add them to the top of that page. You no longer need to constantly manually refresh your ads to see the newest listings.

You can use this tactic or strategy for as many windows and ot tabs as you like. Check the box on a per tab basis, and only monitor the time sensitive stuff to conserve bandwidth.

When you are actively using CraigsLive, the flagging buttons (if applicable) will not be accessible. You cannot use them in the same tab if it is constantly refreshing itself of course. The flaggers have their own built in mechanisms for updating the results as they flag.


craigslist flagging software dashboardYou can see in the widget image on the rightcraigslist flagging software widget there is also a button labeled CraigsDashboard. This feature is accessed from any Craigslist search page when your Craigslist flagging software or Craigslist posting software is active. Click this button to explore the rest of the apps and features that work upon the Craigslist search pages and posts. CraigsLive, CraigsNotes, CraigsTheme are all accessed from CraigsDashboard and there are links to the Quick Guide, our IP Tools and your Craigslist account page, which activates CraigsAccounts. CraigsAccounts activates regardlessly automatically when you visit their account page. This toolbar also displays your current IP address. Hover over each button to learn its function.

The reason we created this feature

craigslist rss feedsThe Craigslist RSS feeds are not reliable at all.. they are about as reliable as a softblocked account. Sometimes they are late.. and don’t show the new item until hours after its been sold. Especially with the more time sensitive items such as autos and housing listings. CraigsLive is the only sure way to get the current listings for your search criteria on time. If your using Craigslist’s RSS feature, your missing out on all the latest listings, and sent the junk no one wants, if they even bother to update more than twice before the feed permanently stalls.

We have bundled CraigsLive with each of our suites. You can find installation instructions for the applicable CLS app linked below for the Craigslist flagging software or Craigslist posting software you purchased. All of the Craigslist software suites that include this feature are listed below with links to their specific instructions for the installation, operation, management and maintenance your Craigslist Software of the software:

Craigslist Software Products

Craigslist Preview craigslist software - ghostbusters membership
⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.