Instructions Proxy Parser

The Proxy Parser tool is a wonderful time saver when scouring the internet for free proxies. THe problem with proxy websites is most of their data is dated, and spread out all over the place. THey design the page to make it seem the proxy is perpetually alive, and you end up wasting your time copying / pasting the details into FoxyRevolver just to find out it doesn’t work, or its not from where they said it was from, the geoip location is wrong. THis tool sorts out entire pages of raw data in two clicks.

To parse proxies from raw data:

  1. Copy the entire page, text and all
  2. Drop the data into the form box at the top of this page
  3. Click the Fliter Proxy button to get rid of the junk text
  4. Click the Check Proxy button to check each proxy and filter the bad ones, and geoip locate the good ones.
  5. Within your results, click every icon beside each proxy you want to add to FoxyRevolver
  6. Now you have a Botnet 🙂 Flag on!

All the proxies you add into this proxy parser are added to the proxy list below it if they are live and fast. This way, each member who parses a page of proxies adds to the list for everyone else to share. This is how this list grows perpetually. We go through this list on occasion and delete proxies which would be irrelevant to our users or are not possible to Geoip locate, in order to keep the list relevant and useful.