Teamviewer Instructions

For some of clients, Teamviewer will be an option to get some help installing your Craigslist flagging software or your Craigslist posting software. There are no other remote services we provide such as proxy or squid setups. Due to the price of our software, this extra support is not factored in to keep our Craigslist software prices low. It is very seldom that we need to do this. We used to require that clients pay an extra fee for this service to deter clients from asking us to spend our time because they don’t want to spend their time, follow directions, or just refuse to read. Instruction guides are listed under the Guides link in the main navigation bar for your quick reference, please use them before you contact support for issues or procedures described within the guides.

Steps to complete before we can access your machine:

  1. Alert support that you will need this service and ask when is a good time to set it up
  2. Install the latest Teamviewer from
  3. Turn on Teamviewer, and record your ID and your password, leave Teamviewer Running.
  4. Do not restart Teamviewer, because your password will change!
  5. Deactivate your locking screensaver, and or password protected desktop
  6. Turn on Firefox, and log into your Craigslist software account, leave the page open on your machine
  7. Contact support through our form, and give us your Teamviewer ID and your Password