Installation Instructions – (CLS) FoxyRevolver

Installing FoxyRevolver

⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.

Craigslist proxy software Foxy Revolver

FoxyRevolver Proxy Manager is a proxy management tool (not a proxy service) for making Firefox follow special proxy rules for connecting to the internet. FoxyRevolver was designed with CraigsFlagger Pro in mind to control the IP addresses and never get confused. This system can Revolve the Firefox IP based on the timer you set. FoxyRevolver installs right into the Firefox browser and manages all the proxies for all of Firefox. We designed this to be the companion of our Craigslist flagging software. With FoxyRevolver you can use a timed revolving custom proxy / vpn list / pattern in Windows.

The tricky part of the installation for some clients is simply the activation of the plugin in the Firefox extensions Add-ons page following the installation. Simply follow the instructions in the activation tab to overcome this issue. To be able to use our Craigslist Software, you will be required to install [ff_version] and only this version, our software doesn't work with any other version. Our latest installers make every effort to auto activate the software for you, and Freeze Firefox's automatic updater.

When we install our software, we embed a configuration file into your system that prevents Firefox from updating on its own. Since Firefox makes every attempt to update itself immediately when you install it, if you install firefox after you install our software, this is the best course of action, because our configuration file prevents this update.

These are not outdated instructions because we use an older browser, this page has been updated in 2021. Simply follow all of our directions in order please to avoid confusion during the set up and maintenance of your Craigslist software. Our Craigslist Proxy Software FoxyRevolver is managed by a Firefox Plugin called CLS FoxyRevolver.

CLS FoxyRevolver Installation - Windows only:

Our PC software is designed to work with [ff_version] only.

  1. If you did not install Firefox yet, wait until you install our software first.
  2. Download the installer program from our download link or visit the Download page. Then in your Firefox toolbar find it by going to Tools>> Downloads.
  3. You will need to exit all programs now, this includes your browsers.
  4. Login as administrator (important!!), and while you are still connected to the internet, click the installer's icon to install our program.
  5. Run the installer application and enter your membership details (*Install right over top of old software if it exists), the login information for your members area, the email address you signed up with , and your members password. You were sent a welcome note when you signed up, the email address that this note was sent to is your membership address. *Reset your CLS password here if you have forgotten it.
  6. Once you have completed your installation, please restart your system. You do not get multiple installs, you get one installation unless you have purchased a multi license with multiple installations. Once you have successfully installed the software, our security will not allow you to install it again. You can however use the Update feature to restore it as often as you like. You will need to read and follow the instructions in the following tabs to activate your new software.
  7. Install [ff_version].
  8. Activate the CLS FoxyRevolver Firefox Plugin. After installation of our software, it is likely that the CLS FoxyRevolver plugin is disabled in Firefox by default. A Firefox Upgrade or reinstallation can also result in disabled plugins. Simply navigate to the "Tools >> Add-ons>> Extensions" and the CLS FoxyRevolver plugin will be found there. Enable it if it is not already, and restart Firefox.

Error messages

If you receive an error message when you are installing or updating, the issue is likely a connection issue. You need to be CraigsFlagger Pro errorsconnected to the internet to validate and download files for the installation. If you are disconnected from the internet, the installer will give you a warning, and then exit the installation. However, if Windows Firewall, or your antivirus is interfering with the applications validation process, you will receive one of two errors, advising you that the application cannot validate.

The easiest course of action is to disable both your antivirus and windows firewall, and proceed with the installation. If you choose, you can see out the specific firewall rule preventing the application from connecting, and remove that rule, or reset the Windows Firewall rules to the factory defaults, then proceed with your installation. Our tutorial to shut off Windows Firewall is here.

Activating CLS FoxyRevolver

Firefox installs often with the top menu bar invisible. To show this menu:

customize craigslist flagging software

  • Go to any of of the Firefox icons in the toolbar and right click it.
  • Click the Menu Bar option to activate the Firefox top Menu Bar.
  • From the Firefox Menu Bar go to Tools >> Add-ons >> Extensions: and find our CLS App Manager Add-on and activate it, as well as any of our other applicable Add-ons and restart Firefox.

This version of Firefox has a button with three lines on it on the far right side of the toolbar, you can also click this to access the Add-ons configuration page. Our latest software also ads a black puzzle icon to your toolbar on the left, you can click this icon to access the Add-ons configuration page.activate craigslist flagging software extensions menu

After installation of our software, it is possible that the CLS FoxyRevolver plugin is disabled by default. A Firefox Upgrade / Downgrade or reinstallation can also result in disabled plugins. Simply navigate to the Firefox Tools >> Add-ons >> Extensions area and the CLS FoxyRevolver plugin will be found there. Enable it if it is not already, and any of our other applicable Add-ons you may find there and restart Firefox.

Our software installs for all Firefox profiles and not within any specific Firefox folder. It cannot just disappear even if you remove Firefox entirely. If you remove the software, you will need to repurchase it to get a new license. If you decline to set a restore point in your own system after you install the software, you may have issues of this nature if your system fails.

customize craigslist flagging software

After you have installed FoxyRevolver, right click the toolbar (beside the address bar) in Firefox, select customize from the drop down menu. Or you can go to View >> Toolbars >> and click customize in the top menu bar you exposed in the earlier step. Find the icon that looks like a gear, it usually says "Auto Cycle" (as pictured on the left) and drag it out of the customize bin, into any position on the toolbar you like (beside FoxyRevolver's main settings icon). At the same time, you can drag any other icons on your toolbar to rearrange them for your convenience. So, to be clear, Foxy Revolver has 2 icons associated with it, the gear (for the timer), and the little fox ghost.

If you would like to see a video to show you how to find your Craigslist Software and activate it, click here:

Authenticating CLS FoxyRevolver

You can login to 2 different areas of our system with your CLS credentials. Our website (your account / Ghostbusters Members area) & your software installer / updater.

toolbar activate craigslist proxy software

craigslist proxy software timer

When you click the gear icon to the left of the FoxyRevolver icon as depicted above on the left of the toolbar image, the gear will turn into an animated loader image (as depicted on the left) while the software is actively revolving your proxies. This means that it is actively switching your proxies for Firefox, and all active pages opened in Firefox. When you click the animated loader icon, the revolving feature will stop. You can then click the FoxyRevolver icon in the toolbar to select which ip you want to be using manually / patterns or disable proxies altogether.

craigslist proxy software settings button

When the program icon is spinning, this means that you are routing your traffic through a proxy. Just click the little fox ghost icon (as depicted on the left) to check which proxy, or to turn the proxy feature off altogether. By selecting the options menu from Firefox >> Tools >> FoxyRevolver >> Options, or clicking on the toolbar icon, you will find in the right hand lower corner of the options popup, an interval selector. This is where you set the timer by which your proxies will revolve. FoxyRevolver must not be actively revolving the proxies when you set the timer, you should see the gear icon, not the animated loader when setting your timer.

Authentication Errors

If you set your Firefox to not remember History, or set your privacy settings to not accept cookies, the application will give you a pop error because it cannot authenticate. If you change your password on the website you need to run your updater with your new credentials, or you will also get this pop up authentication error. However, if more than 180 days have elapsed since your purchase, your license has expired, this will also give the authentication error. To be clear, if you have purchased your software before Friday the 24th of July, 2020 it will not update or authenticate. For your convenience, your Ghostbusters Membership, installer & Updater username are all authenticated with the email / password combo you signed up with. Reset your CLS password here if you have forgotten it, but remember that you will then need to run the software updater, and use your new credentials to reset your license to your new credentials.

Configure Your Proxy in FoxyRevolver

  1. Click the FoxyRevolver icon. This opens the FoxyRevolver Options dialog.
  2. Create a new proxy definition by clicking the Add New Proxy button on the FoxyRevolver Options dialog.
  3. In the Manual Proxy Configuration section, enter the Host/IP address and Port number of the proxy server provided to you by your proxy provider. Do not check the SOCKS proxy checkbox. Click the OK button and click it again when asked about whitelisted URLs.
  4. Change FoxyRevolver's mode to Use proxy "New Proxy" for all URLs.
  5. That's it! Navigate to the sites for which you purchased the proxy. When prompted by Firefox to enter a username/password, enter the username and password provided to you by your proxy provider.
  6. When you want to turn off the proxy, click right-click FoxyRevolver in the Firefox toolbar and select Completely disable FoxyRevolver.

Note: Proxies can be slower than your direct (non-proxy) internet connection. To optimize your online experience, consider using FoxyRevolver in patterns mode. to single out the websites you wish to use your proxies on, such as Craigslist only. This way you don't need to keep turning it on and off, or forget about it. This is also good for security, because you should not be using any websites where you login other than Craigslist with public proxies, ever!

URL Patterns

When FoxyRevolver is set to Use proxies based on their pre-defined patterns and priorities, Firefox asks FoxyRevolver if a proxy should be used to load specific URLs. FoxyRevolver answers this question by attempting to match the current URL with all of the URL patterns you've configured. This process is extremely fast. There are two ways to match URLs with FoxyRevolver: wildcards or regular expressions. Please note that all patterns -- white and black -- are ignored when FoxyRevolver is set to "Use proxy ABC for all URLs".

Whitelists and Blacklists

When you write a URL pattern, you must select whether it is either a whitelisted pattern or a blacklisted pattern. Whitelist patterns define URLs that should be loaded through a proxy, while blacklist patterns define URLs that should not be loaded through the proxy specified for this pattern. Every proxy you define can have its own whitelist patterns and blacklist patterns. If a URL matches patterns in both the whitelist and the blacklist for a proxy, the blacklist takes priority; the URL is not loaded through that proxy. It may, however, load through another proxy you've defined if that proxy has a matching whitelist pattern and no matching blacklist pattern.

Wildcards *

Wildcards are pervasive throughout computing; you've most likely seen them before. The asterisk ( * ) substitutes as a wildcard character for zero or more characters, and the question mark (?) substitutes as a wildcard character for any one character. If you are a card player, the question mark is like the joker.

Wildcard Examples

URL Pattern: **

Some Matches                                                                                       Some Non-Matches

Everything in Craigslist's entire domain                                     


URL Pattern: **

Some Matches                                                                                       Some Non-Matches

Everything in Craigslist San Francisco                                        


URL Pattern: **

Some Matches                                                                                       Some Non-Matches

Everything in Craigslist Los Angeles                                            


Identifying URLs which require patterns

Often you can just grab the URL from your browser's address bar. FoxyRevolver has a built in logging feature that will show you where the ads or pages are actually being loaded from. Craigslist can place certain ads from their different websites into a specific section, and they seem to originate from the search section you are looking in. However, this is not always so. You can use the Logging feature to see exactly where each request is being loaded from.

  • Enable Logging in FoxyRevolver; Ctrl+F2 to open FoxyRevolver, then go to the Logging tab and click the "Enabled" checkbox. Ensure "Do not store or display URLs" is UNCHECKED.
  • In Firefox, visit desired website (each Craigslist area is a different URL with a different subdomain).
  • Click Refresh in the FoxyRevolver Logging tab. You will see the URL from which the website loaded. This is the URL you should create a pattern for.


Here are some advanced features for advanced users only.

Configure Firefox

Our PC software is designed to work with [ff_version] only.

It is required to prevent Firefox from updating from [ff_version]. On occasion, if Firefox is allowed to do as it pleases, it can disrupt your Craigslist Software. Our installer adds a configuration file to your default Firefox program folder to do this step for you automatically, along with about 30 other performance tweaks for Firefox. However, if you decided to delete the Firefox program folder or not install Firefox until after you install our software despite the order our instructions are listed, then you can either then run the CLS Restore / Update feature which will re-add that configuration file back into to your fresh Firefox installation, or you can freeze Firefox manually.

As you may have noticed, Firefox can sometimes interrupt different plugins with an automatic update. If you do not want any unforeseen irritation from an automatic Firefox update - do not allow it to update on it's own. If the features described below are grayed out in your configuration panels, then our configuration file is in effect, and you need not bother with any such Firefox settings.

If your browser updated on its own, just reinstall [ff_version] All you need to do is Freeze  [ff_version] and everything is as it once was, and all of your favorite plugins, including ours of course, continue to work just fine. Click the image on the left to see how to Freeze your Firefox.

Troubleshooting Firefox

about firefox Craigslist softwareIf you are unsure of what version of Firefox you are running, go to Firefox >> Help >> About and you can see the version. It should look like the image to the left. If it doesn't, get the correct version. If you have a system crash, it is possible you will damage your CLS App Manager, Firefox, or even Windows files. If you click the CLS Restore / Update feature, it will replace all of the CLS App Manager core files. If there is still an error, you can try a system restore Provided you set a restore point After you installed our software as we encouraged you to do. If this doesn't work, it is possible your Firefox profile has become corrupted. Rather than delete the entire profile, or reinstall Firefox you can delete the prefs file found in your Firefox profile folder. To do this quickly, In Firefox top toolbar just visit Help >> Troubleshooting Information and on that page, there is a button that says Show profile folder. Click that button, and shut off Firefox. Go into the profile folder that you opened, and rename prefs.js to prefs.jsold. Then restart Firefox.

If you are still out of luck, you might need to reinstall [ff_version]. If you damage your own system beyond repair, just use the CLS Restore / Update feature and simply re authenticate & reactivate the CLS FoxyRevolver. ⚡ Do not system restore your computer earlier than the date you installed our software, or you will need to repurchase your license.

Updating CLS FoxyRevolver


update craigslist flagging softwareOur installers always fetch the most current updated version, as does our built in CLS Restore / Update feature. You don't need to contact support to update and or restore your software as often as you like.

Our software comes with a built in Update / Repair feature. You can access this feature anytime during your license period, if you had a bad windows crash etc, simply running our Update / Repair tool will repair your software from any system issues. There is no need to ask us, or contact support to maintain your own software completely. If however, your update features don't exist because you changed computers or operating systems, you will need to visit the store for a replacement. You get one installation on one machine once only which also embeds the unlimited update feature. After that, you always have your Update / Repair program in your program directory to resolve anything you might need. This feature is also how we control the license on your system. The updater verifies your license is still valid as you update or restore your software without any intervention required from our team.

You will need to enter your membership credentials, your username and password to install or update your CraigslistSoftware products. If you do not remember your credentials, you were sent a welcome email when you purchased the software. This email address is your Member's username . You chose your password. If you cannot remember your site password, please reset it here. If you reset your password, you need to run the update feature with your new credentials to update them within your system so your software can automatically continue to authenticate itself.

If Craigslist changes their site it has no effect upon this software. If a problem arises, then it is your system with the fault, and you may simply use the built in update feature to repair it. You will not be charged for the updates, this is free of charge for 6 months.

The CLS Update link is in your browser menu, your start menu program directory, and your Desktop shift right click extended context menu. Just run the updater from any of these locations to update to the latest version of our software. You need not contact support for permission. Your updater will function for 180 days from date of purchase.

If you need more information about the CLS Restore / Update feature, it is found on the Updates Page.

Craigslist Software Support

To avoid confusion, we need you to include your username which is the email you signed up with for your security, to ensure we are corresponding with the same person who paid for the software, and your order number so we can quickly find you in our system. If you need an update, simply go ahead and update the software, it's a built in feature. 

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am until 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Craigslist flagging RobotSoftware developers and tech support personnel use specific terms such as Download, Install, Activate and Authenticate by which to describe in which mode you are interacting with the software. You cannot call every function downloadin. First, you Download the software, then you Authenticate it as you Install it, then you go into Firefox >> Tools >> Addons and Activate it if it failed this step on its own during the Installation. We need to agree upon these terms to communicate with you effectively.

If you have actually downloaded and installed the software but cannot find it because you didn't activate it in Firefox's Add-ons settings page, or have activated it, but cannot use it because you didn't turn it on in the toolbar by clicking the icon, or you accidentally turned it off by clicking it inadvertently, then you didn't review these instructions in the preceding tabs correctly or completely. We understand its a bit to take in, and we have minimized as many steps as we could with our installer.

There are actually only really a couple of solutions to remedy nearly everything that could possibly happen. Reset forgotten passwords or restore / update the software. If you managed to get past the installation stage successfully, the CLS Restore / Update feature is already built into your browser menu, your start menu program directory & the Desktop shift + right click context menu. If you suspect your software is not working, you can update it through any of these locations at your convenience.

Please do not assume you can find the software unless you review the "Activate" tab and make sure it has been activated, its built right into Firefox and you will not see it unless your plugin has been activated in the Firefox Add-ons page. Our software installs directly into your browser, not onto your desktop.

For general inquiries, please fill out the contact form and we will respond shortly thereafter. Usually we can get back to you right away.

To avoid confusion, when contacting support; please include your payment email, which is also your username and your order number so we can find you in our system and respond quickly. We need you to include your Username, which is your PayPal email you signed up with for your security, to make sure we are dealing with the same person who paid for the software.

Please do not remove the software for any reason, if you do, we can not replace it for free. If you have any issues you cannot overcome via resetting password or using the CLS Restore / Update feature, you need to contact support and we will resolve it entirely. If you removed the software, you need to visit our store and buy a new copy. Our license is for one installation on one machine only, as all our clients agree to during the installation. We are very upfront about this and very strict about our policy. This is why it is important for you to create a System Restore Point (Right Now) the moment all of your software is installed and operational, and take care of your system. This ensures you will enjoy our software for the duration of your license and not need to repurchase because of an unforeseen technical issue.

Craigslist Software Products

Craigslist Preview craigslist software - ghostbusters membership
⚡ Desktop Extension Requirements: ChromeYandexOpera & Windows, Linux, Mac.
⚡ Android Extension Requirements: YandexKiwi & Android Phone or Tablet.